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Beauty Advertising Meets Blockchain

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What is Groo?

The Groocoin project aims to creation of the advertising platform of beauty contents to consolidate the relevant contents diversified throughout the whole world

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Why Groo?

The contents creators are starving to find out suitable advertising platform but contents presented in most of the advertising platforms including social media, they request very high cost for using their efficient product.

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How Groo?

The Groo Dapp Platform is provide equivalent cost of service to the contents creators, but their contents to have the diversified evaluation feedback from different consumers and get advantage in a impression.
Evaluated data is automatically recorded on the blockchain network anonymously and forward to contents creators for their contents feedback purpose.

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Groo Platform

What We Can Do?


Token Distribution

Contract Address : 0xc17195bde49d70cefcf8a9f2ee1759ffc27bf0b1
Token Distribution Graph
Total30,000,000,000 GROO
Token sale 50%
Marketing 15%
Platform Rewards 15%
Team 15%
Advisors 5%
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The Joy of Activity

Who We Are?

With 20 Milions+ of Users
Over 60+ Countries
No.1 Influencer on Music Arcade Game

Groo Dapps are Multi Entertainment Platforms that includes plenty of joyful contents for go beyond traditional advertising platform activities and that improve platform activity experience with pleasure.

The main customers of the Groo Dapp platform are women. The Groocoin team include core development members of Audition, Love Beat that online community based music arcade game, and prioritizing platform development that takes care of our main customers with examples of our existing business models.

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